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Home Learning Summer Term 2020

From the 20th April, our home learning will look slightly different from Reception to Year 6. We want to make sure that the children are as well-prepared as possible for their return to school and their next school year. 


  • Reading activities for KS1 and KS2 to be based around a text extract provided by us and uploaded to the website alongside a 'Takeaway' of tasks. 
  • Most children, depending on their ability, will be used to accessing a 'banded' reading book. Parents/carers can create a free log in at where you can access banded books to read online. 
  • Those children who are still learning to read will be given further information about which is an accessible way for your child to continue on their phonics journey. 


  • To mirror the process the children are familiar with at school, the children will be provided with a weekly stimulus for writing.
  • Their 'Takeaways' will outline tasks for each day of the week and these will be supported by the teachers' blog posts. 


  • From Reception to Year 6, pupils will be asked to access the daily lessons on the Home Learning section of the White Rose website. From the 3rd week (w/c 4th May) these will also link to the BBC Bitesize activities. 
  • The teachers will blog each week with a link and further guidance as to which lessons the children should try. 
  • As well as a video, there is an activity sheet for the children to complete. The activity sheets do not need to be printed as the children can do any working out in their books or on paper or draw a sketch of diagrams to complete.
  • Nursery will continue with a maths 'Takeaway' with planned activities around a theme.
  • For KS2 pupils, the Gareth Metcalfe online lessons are also a fantastic resource for problem solving and reasoning. 
  • We also expect pupils to visit Times Tables Rock Stars regularly to allow them to keep practising these essential skills. 


  • The children will continue to receive a 'Takeaway' of activities each week but these will be linked by a particular theme, which the teachers will provide content and links to via the blog. 

Please click below to access the home learning for your child's year group. Remember, further links and support are offered by teachers via the class blogs so make sure you check these regularly.