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Symptoms of Covid 19

A new list of symptoms has been circulated to schools, which we have been asked to consider as possible signs of Covid-19.  Current advice is that children should not be in school if they are showing any of these symptoms:

 They can be displaying just one of the following symptoms - cough, temperature, vomiting, diarrhoea, sleeping more than usual, complaining of not feeling themselves in anyway, agitated, cold, headache - anything that is not feeling themselves could be a sign of COVID-19.

For fever, NHS advice is to look for a high temperature – ‘this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back, you do not need to measure your temperature’

If your child is ill, you should not send them into school.  If your child becomes unwell in school, we will isolate your child and contact you to collect them as usual.  If your child develops Covid 19 symptoms in school, they will be isolated and should be tested for the virus.  Any siblings will also be sent home.