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Behaviour and Discipline

When it comes to behaviour and discipline , we have very specific expectations and our rules are simple and positive. We ask children not to hurt others, either physically or emotionally. We treat our school, our possessions and our friends with respect. We behave sensibly and walk quietly through the school. Our school values form the basis of all our teaching regarding appropriate behaviour.

At the start of the year, the class teacher works with the children on forming an agreed set of class rules, which the children promise to try to keep.

Assemblies are often used to discuss Christian values, looking after others and similar topics that promote a feeling of well-being and mutual respect throughout the school.

We recognise and praise good behaviour, politeness and hard work. Children earn golden tickets, stickers, a visit to see the Head teacher and receive certificates in a Celebration Assembly on a Friday, to which the parents are invited.

Each week, the children are rewarded for good behaviour. They have the opportunity to sign up during the week for a variety of activities which they enjoy each week during ‘Golden Time’.

We have excellent standards of behaviour at our school and we strongly believe that by leading by example, by discussing issues openly and by showing respect for everyone we can avoid most problems before they even get started. We know of course that the children will not always find it easy to make the right choices and that there will be times when their behaviour will not always be of the high standard we expect. In these cases, we have a clear behaviour policy that is followed consistently by all school staff. We have a positive, consistent and fair approach to behaviour management and following any challenges, children are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour with a member of staff.

Bullying of any sort will not be tolerated, will be investigated thoroughly and dealt with accordingly.