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Our Staff

'The strongly motivated team of staff live out the school’s Christian vision and are highly valued by parents and children.' SIAMS 2017

Come and meet the staff at our school!
Head teacher
Mrs S Rubin
Deputy Head teacher
Mrs J Howley
Early Years Foundation Stage
Miss F Steel & Miss N Smith
Reception S
Miss D Cooper
Reception R
Miss L Ritchie
Key Stage 1
Year 1 W
Miss R Williamson
Year 1 V
Mrs Z Valimulla
Year 2 T
Miss N Toole
Year 2 P
Miss A Parker (Assistant Head teacher)
Key Stage 2
Year 3 H
Mrs G Hudson
Year 3 C
Mr T Houghton
Year 4 P
Mrs J Pattinson
Year 5 B
Miss L Brittain
Year 6 H
Miss J Hardman
Mrs J Howley (Deputy Head teacher)
Support Staff
Nursery Nurse
Miss E Royle
Teaching Assistants
Mrs N Pollard
Mrs C Myers
Mrs J Guite
Mrs T Stabler
Miss J Yorke
Miss J Dorrian
Mrs T Murphy
Mrs T Haddon
Mrs V Anderson
Mrs G Donnelly
Miss B Hargreaves
Mr S Ash 
Ms T Hanlon
Mrs J Anchor
Ms H Fletcher
Ms R Howarth
Mrs J Kelly


Learning Mentor
Mrs C Knight
Site Officer 
Mr J Snape
Senior Cook
Mrs J McGuirk
Catering Staff
Mrs Y Burke
Park Lane Cook
Ms K Massey
Welfare Staff and Play Workers
Miss G Walker
Mr S Ash
Miss L Griffin
Mr J Snape
Mrs A Lawton
Miss J Yorke
Mrs R Howarth
Mrs J Guite
Mrs G Donnelly
Mrs J Kelly
Mrs J Greenwood
School Business Manager
Mrs R Holroyd
Administrative Assistants
Miss V Lawler
Mrs E Patton