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Pupil Care and Protection


At St. John’s we are committed to providing a happy and safe environment for children to learn in. If you need to discuss a matter with the class teacher, could you please see them after school as at the beginning of the day they are usually busy with the children in their class. You can also make an appointment to see a member of staff, at our school office. It may be that you need to see the Head teacher; please ring or call in at the office to do so.


Fire Safety

Children in school have regular fire practices and are taught how to leave the building and where to congregate.



We have a specific policy for the administration of medication and the office or the class teacher will be able to give you a copy. Children who have asthma keep their inhalers in the classroom and other prescribed daily medication is kept in a safe place.


Mobile phones

Mobile phones, i-pods and games should not be brought into school as they could be lost or broken causing considerable upset.


Safeguarding children

Parents need to know that it is the school’s policy to protect its pupils from all types of abuse. When we feel it is necessary we will inform social services of our concerns.   A Child Protection and Safeguarding Pupil Policy is available upon request.




At St. John’s, we are committed to the safety and welfare of the children in our care.


Should a parent fail to collect a child at the appointed time the procedure is:

  • At 3.40pm the teacher will inform the school office that the child has not been collected
  • If no contact has been made by 3.45pm, school will ask Daisy Club (our after school club) if they have space available for the child. Parents will be charged for any time their child spends at the after school club.
  • School will continue to phone contacts for the child until approximately 5.30pm (15 minutes before the building closes) at which point school will contact the police who will in turn inform social services.        


Designated child protection officer             Mrs S Rubin  (Headteacher)


Education Welfare Officer                                        Neil Grundy




Children transfer to high school education at the end of the summer term following their eleventh birthday.  Our partner high school is Buile Hill Visual Arts College but we have links with Moorside High and Oasis Academy (formerly Hope High) amongst others. Children in Year 5 receive information about the various high schools to take home, and there is a school organised visit to Buile Hill.  Regular liaison takes place between the schools to ensure continuity and progression in the curriculum for each child.