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A Message from Hero

My name is Hero and I have been part of the  St. John’s family for almost 7 years now. I am a cavapoochon -  part of a breed that are specially bred as therapy dogs, due to our calm and child friendly temperament and our hypoallergenic fur.
I continue to learn all the time but have developed a really special bond with the children at St. John’s. Also, I enjoy playing with groups of children and look forward to visits from them throughout the day. I love cuddles and I like to comfort people when they are feeling sad. I regularly offer nurture to small groups of children and my favourite thing is playing ball outside.
Salford’s Animal Welfare team and Health and Safety inspectors have worked with school to ensure that both me and the children are happy and safe. I wear a lead at all times around school and have special places on each site for going to the toilet, away from any public areas.
I love meeting new people and hope you can come and play with me soon.



X x


"Hero is special because she cares about us.  I go to her when I feel sad or upset."

Amelia, Year 4



"Hero knew I was feeling upset so she stood near me to let me stroke her. 

Then I started to feel better." 

Isobel, Year 6