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School Uniform

In order to maintain a strong sense of identity and belonging within our school, we require all pupils to wear school uniform. It is very important that all pupils adhere to this and we expect our pupils to have pride in their appearance.


Our uniform consists of: 

• Red sweatshirt or cardigan with or without school logo

• White shirt or polo shirt

• Grey or black trousers – no jeans or leggings please

• Grey or black knee length skirt

• Grey or black pinafore

• Black, flat, sensible, safe shoes (no trainers please)

• Plain black, blue or red coat (no patterned coats)

• Plain bag or school bag


Summer Options

• Grey shorts

• Red gingham dresses

• Red or black cap to protect from the sun


PE Kit

• White T-shirt or polo shirt

• Plain red or black shorts

• Trainers for outdoor games only – these may be worn during breaks and lunch.

• Plimsolls for Indoor PE – this is for health and safety reasons

• Tracksuit for outdoor games only (during the winter months)


Hair should be neat and tidy and worn with no extremes of style or colour e.g. dyed, Mohican or shaved lines. Long hair should be tied back for health and safety reasons.  Plain hair accessories should be worn.


Coats and bags

Please ensure that coats and bags brought to school are sensible and appropriate for a school day and for the weather.  ‘Designer’ handbags are not appropriate for school and should not be used; nor are heavily logoed coats or bags.


All items of uniform (including shoes, socks, coats and winter accessories) should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Items with the school logo are available to purchase from Whittakers in Swinton. 



It is encouraged that pupils do not wear jewellery to school, especially as individuals become very upset if a treasured piece of jewellery goes missing.

Should a pupil have pierced ears, a pair of plain studs should only be worn and in order to comply with health and safety regulations, must be taken out for PE activities.

Please note that the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any jewellery that is lost.




Watches except for smart phone watches, may be worn to school. However these must be removed for PE lessons.

Please note the school will be unable to take any responsibility for any watches that are lost. 


Make up and Nail varnish


No make up or nail varnish should be worn.