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"The teachers make maths fun and give us exciting activities to do. We also get to work with our partner which helps us with our learning." 

Charlie, Year 4

Teaching of mathematics at St John’s equips children with numerical skills to develop the powers of logical thought, to provide a means to explore the environment, and to develop an awareness of the uses of mathematics in the world beyond the classroom. The children should learn that mathematics will frequently help them solve problems they meet in everyday life. It will also help them to understand better, many of the things they see and provide opportunities for them to satisfy their curiosity, and to use their creative abilities.


Our most important aim is to maintain and increase children’s confidence, to make use of their mathematical skill and understanding shown by the ability to express ideas fluently, to talk about the subject with assurance and to be able to use the language of mathematics. To build up this confidence, practical experience of as many aspects of mathematics as possible is essential. The school follows the National Curriculum for Maths but we have adapted some of the strategies used in Singapore to ensure children are getting essential concrete learning. The work includes using and applying maths in everyday situations, number work, shape and space, measuring and statistics

The daily maths lesson provides structured teaching of maths concepts using mental recall as well as group and whole class teaching strategies and concrete materials including songs, games, practical resources (such as number lines, base 10, 100 squares and counters) and computing resources. 

At St. John’s, we use a calculation policy that covers the teaching of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division methods. We aim to teach strategies that develop children’s understanding of these difficult concepts and build on this year by year so that each teacher is using the same range of methods.