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Online Safety

"We know staying safe online is important. We have learnt the difference between personal and private information. We know how important it is to protect ourselves online and we take care with the information we put out. We have learnt about cyber bullying and we know that we need to speak to adult if this happens and block the person involved. We have learned that it is important to be careful with who we trust online as not everyone is who they say they are. We are confident to talk to adults at home and at school if we are having problems online."

Year 6



At St. John's CE Primary, we are committed to the safeguarding of our children, including through E-safety. We teach the importance of keeping safe online and about being responsible for their own online behaviour.


E-safety is embedded in the Computing curriculum from Years 1 to 6. Pupils are taught a range of strategies and are given comprehensive information on how to keep safe and be responsible.


Below are some links for parents on a range of E-safety issues. There is also a link to resources your child could use to learn more about E-safety.