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A Storytelling School

"I like storytelling because I like creating my own stories. I like acting out the story as it helps me to understand it more."

Riley, Year 5

In 2018, we were successful in securing a grant for £15,000 from the Shine Trust as part of the ‘Let Teachers Shine’ competition for a storytelling project for disadvantaged pupils. This grant enabled us to use the power of storytelling to improve school readiness, improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in literacy and to develop the confidence, vocabulary and oracy of all our pupils. As part of this project, we developed as a Storytelling School.


From Nursery to Year 6, the children are told a wealth of amazing stories which form a key part of our curriculum. They learn, retell and work with these stories in their English lessons. Our aim is to nurture confident storytellers as we understand the wider benefits these skills have for our children across the curriculum. 

Storytelling at St. John's