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Our Reading Journey

"There are so many great books in school. The teachers recommend brilliant texts that I wouldn't have tried. I've read so many good books this year." Louie, Year 6


“Phonics lessons are so fun! Supersonic helps me be a better reader and a writer. It’s my favourite lesson.”  Bhumi, Year 2


“My teachers show me what to do when I’m reading so that I understand the text more. I enjoy it more then too!” Arnold, Year 4


'A strong focus on reading over the last two years has lead to recent improvement.  You have used a range of imaginative approaches to develop pupils' skills in, and their love of, reading across the school.' 

OFSTED 2018    

At St. John's, we are passionate about making sure that every child leaves our school as a confident reader who is excited and inspired about books and reading.


Our Reading Journey ensures that every child is given the opportunity to develop the key skills they need to decode and engage with a range of texts. Just as important as this, is our mission to find every individual  'the book' that will switch them on to the fascinating world of reading. We work hard to ensure that every child can say, "I am a reader!" 

As part of our Reading Journey, we hold regular reading events including Snuggle Up and Read, reading slumber parties, World Book Day celebrations, Poetry Day, author visits, book deliveries, leading assemblies and special book sharing sessions across school.

We believe that high quality texts are the key to engaging young people with reading. Well chosen and challenging texts are shared with classes across school to enthuse pupils, help develop vocabulary and the skills to be a thoughtful reader.


Our Reading Ambassadors help us select texts and make recommendations across school. They love visiting book shops and researching online to find the best books!


Our School Librarians make sure that recommendations are displayed and that our libraries continue to be a great place to read alone or share a book with friends.